Monday, June 11, 2012

Porn and Social Media

A while back, Twitter was having problems in dealing with porn spammers. They would create random accounts and then "mention" you in a tweet with some silly words and include a link for you to click on. This generally would take you to a porn site or at times, a site with malicious software running on it that would potentially affect your system with virus or other nasty things.

Folks put up with this for months, until Twitter finally figured out how to data mine the new account signups, and prevented them from performing their wares. .. And as typical as spammers are, they have found a new approach. They are now making accounts, with clear links to pornography as part of their profile, make some innocent tweets, and then "follow" you. .. A very subtle change in operations that appears to not fall within twitter's Terms of Use. It seems that twitter is concerned with the spam side, but other than not allowing nudity in avatars or background profile pictures, anything goes. .. At least Facebook has rules, albeit they get anally stupid in classifying breast feeding pictures as "adult" content.

Twitter has no configuration settings that define the control (or lack of) over adult content. You can't say yes or no. The only options given are to block or block and report spam.

Let me say, I am not a prude in any way, shape or form. I love sex. More so, I love the art of making love even more. Whatever two (or more) adults decide to do in private as consenting adults is up to them. Play with the candlestick in the library, use the rope in the kitchen... whatever turns your crank. I could literally care less. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. The key of course, always being "consenting adults". And if that includes watching or making porn... well, tell someone who cares.

The users of twitter have only one method to let the owners know when there are problems, and that is to mention it in the timeline (usually using #twitter or @twitter) and hope that enough people do the same. My choice is to define why, so the past week or two, as the new round of adult spammers has hit, I have done the "block and report" side, and then tweeted that more porn spammers have been blocked. Naturally, I never mention the accounts. But twitter knows...

Someone that I once had respect for, then got into a discussion with me saying that I was naive to think that kids can't access porn online. But this is not about being "naive" at all, it's about being directly marketed. If I choose to visit a porn site then that is doing so upon my own desire. To having someone spam me with follows, with the express and only intent to visit their porn site, is not my choice. Of course, I don't have to click on that link, but it is being directly marketed to me in words quite clear.

My concern on this, is for the kids that use twitter. Yes, it's all over the internet. It is crazy to think kids don't see it. But does that make it right, to have it handed to them out of the blue?

Most certainly times are different for parents. Education is the key. When it comes to things like drugs, we can be in there like dirty shirts and talk with them at early ages. They don't have the wisdom yet to understand it but we try. Yet when it comes to sex... many parents dread that birds and bees talk. Trying to determine when the 'right time' is to start those discussions, if they even ever happen... Discussions on having those discussions and what to say and how to say it (or ignore it) are the types that can cause riots.

I respect your right to agree or disagree on how to handle it, when to handle it, or even if to handle it...

What I can't respect is to be told that you have a right to your opinion, and at the same time I have to get off my high horse with a need to self psycho analyze my supposed issues.

I have to wonder what those issues would be. I have never objected to males being with males, or females being with females, or males being with females. It has never bothered me if your choice of jollies is to suck on toes, lick hairy arm pits, pee on your partner, bring out the whips and chains... They may not be my choice but as long as you are consenting adults.....

Kids are not adults. I happen to think that kids don't need the added pressures. I know I can't sweep them all up in my arms and protect them from the nastiness of the world. And honestly, I don't have the desire either.

Other social media sites seem to have rules related to adult content. Twitter appears to be one of those exceptions. I tweet about it, because I believe a responsible social media system should have rules of some kind. Not because I am off my rocker (in my opinion I am not), not because I happen to think sex is the greatest thing since sliced tea...

I do it because in my opinion... in my belief... it's the right thing to do.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear John

Today you start a new fight over cancer.

I know you are protective of the details and I respect that.

You say you want good wishes and fingers crossed, and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt I have been doing that for a long time. And I will not stop.

Your passion for caring ... is simply outstanding.

We need more of you in this world.

I look forward to more coffee time, my friend. The world needs you to win this battle.

Man hugs to @lonesomebilydad.