Sunday, March 10, 2013

Corruption or Abuse or... Part 1 of 3

Taken from Wikipedia...

In philosophical, theological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement. Government, or 'political', corruption occurs when an office-holder or other governmental employee acts in an official capacity for his or her own personal gain.

 Some of you may recall and incident in June of 2012, where several heated discussions were going on over the proposed downtown arena. It was a time when hearings and information sessions were being held, and the public has been very vocal in the way taxpayers are getting majorly screwed, just so that a billionaire can make hundreds of millions of dollars in (literally) free money on the backs of taxpayers.

Over a series of several tweets with a few people, I had made statements of "I've never been violent in my life.This is the problem you see. I don't think I would hit. But I am at a breaking point" followed by the famous line of Mr T which was "I pity the fool..." and "I'm not sure I can stand all the marketing lying and remain non-violent :P" Along in that series of "discussions" others also made comments about the fear of getting involved because they were afraid they might hit someone, and I also stated that I never threatened violence, and that it was a simple truth that I would not know exactly what I would do if I were indeed "pushed across that line". I doubt anyone could say exactly how they would respond when their line is crossed. And that line could be anything. With that said, anyone in twitter knows of the 140 limit and how impossible it is to convey what you mean. We try to add in emotes, like I did with the :P (tongue stuck out or tongue firmly planted in cheek... however you want to view it)

The City of Edmonton choose to pick on me and made a complaint to the police. The police called me, I resented the way it was handled and I filed a complaint. I was also very vocal in twitter over the abuse. After a FOIP request, I found this...
Since the EdmontonDT account doesn't follow anyone, then why would the city use the "@talkingsauce" account as their "reference"? Why not just access my twitter account on the web? (Note.. the @pont thing is not really the account, it did at that time belong to @talkingsauce and now belongs to @LegitimateRap) .. Anyway, this leads me to believe  the Rap account is connected to the City. And I admit, I could be wrong.

The FOIP documents were also pretty clear that the City doesn't like me. I tend to be quite vocal over many things they tweet about, which have such a huge bias and "lack of full honest truth". And we all know the City has been extremely manipulative on many things, especially when it comes to the Airport and Arena issues. They clearly have major objections to listening to what the majority of the people have been saying. And I promise, I will continue to be vocal when things are wrong. Do note... no matter what I say or how I say it, I would never ever commit an act of violence to person or property. I know the City folks will be reading this and this is your warning to stop being harassing. I am sitting on the fence now as it is, and if you continue to harass me for no TRUE valid reason, then I will file a lawsuit for 1.5 million dollars, and it WILL include all of the crap from when I worked for you. I'm sure there are a lot of things you don't want coming out so... If you City folks can't see that I have a very valid reason for being pissed, then you should review this post of mine that only covers the surface of the issues. And the only reason why you are pissed at me is because I call you out on the deception, instead of being sucked in. Sorry I am smart enough to see it.

Over the next several months, twitter was pretty alive on the "arena" topic, and some of that included tweets between several people and City Council folks and Alberta Government folks. Specifically relating to this were some pretty heated conversations that included councilor Dave Loken. He's been taken to account many times over various things such as his election promises that apparently turned out to be a lot of non-truth (not specifically by me on this one) and I have called him out on his arena statements and have tweeted many times that he is a liar. I can say this as fact, because in phone conversations with him he lied to me and I called him out for it.

Then around mid October, I got yet *another* called from the police, and another report of me making threats had been filed. Needless to say I am getting pretty tired of this, and I told the officer to basically take a hike in about a 15 second phone call, and then hung up on him. And of course, I filed yet another complaint about the police 'abuse', along with a FOIP request covering both of the incidents with the police service and with the City FOIP side to find out what the hell has been going on.

The results of the second complaint may shock you. And some reasons "why" this happened along with some examples of other things that I think are bad... are in part 2, which you can read here...

Corruption or Abuse or... Part 2 of 3

I am dedicating this section specifically to councilor Dave Loken. Do note I am not picking on you, but perhaps some might consider this payback. We've had many discussions in twitter where I have simply told the truth, and you have responded with a substantial amount of statements where you attempted to slight my character. You should not have done that, and people should remember that parts of this even made the news. When EPS contacted me the second time over (cough) "threats", I was sure it was just another City employee working the twitter account. And I got really pissed at them.

Let me share the results of the EPS FOIP on this with folks..

I do want to point out that the parts of this blacked out were done by ME... There is no point in mentioning the person that was the liaison over this. Wow.. seriously Dave? You get so pissed at me because of your arrogance and inability to handle a respectable conversation in twitter that you have to resort to doing THIS type of thing? Man, that's some class... But hey, lets not stop here... how about this stuff..

I do need to state that since this incident, I have taken the liberty to add in several Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles to my (cough) tank.. And since then, several of the Edmonton media and politicians have asked me both in public and private, if they could please borrow it. Naturally, sharing the fun is the only decent thing to do so I have said "yes" to everyone that asked.

Since you think my tank is such a big deal, then perhaps you should wait until I bring my Apache helicopter out of storage and fire that up... which I will do as soon as I can find the keys. Seems like I misplaced them somewhere along the way. Or maybe I just forgot. I am after all, getting old you know.

With all of that said, if anyone reading this thinks any of it is possible, or in any way shape or form that it could be an actual threat,,, well... about all I can say is you're pretty freaking brain dead. Regardless, it sure speaks volumes about the quality and caliber of Mr. Loken... Here is a promise Dave. Just for you, and just because you did this... should you decide to run for office again this year then you should know I will be there to remind people ... respectfully, politely, and within the law... of your actions and lies. Do note, I said this is a promise... which is not a threat. It is after all, my democratic right to speak the truth, and I will do so. Within the law of course.

Now on to part 3, where I will bring up some valid points and questions, and show another example of what is wrong with "the system"... The link is here..

Corruption or Abuse or... Part 3 of 3

Over all of this, I filed complaints against EPS and Loken. The EPS issues were finally addressed on Thursday March 7th, 2013, in a Alternative Dispute Resolution process where the detective involved, his supervisor (at my request) and a mediator met. Naturally, this meeting was private in nature and done "without prejudice", and I will honor the talks made. But I do want to bring one item forward that was discussed, but is also "public" in nature.

EPS is obligated to investigate threats. No matter how insane they might be. Part of that investigative process requires that the "subject" be contacted either in person or on the phone. There is no discretion allowed in this, unlike an officer allowed to give leeway say, in a speeding ticket etc. And this is just wrong. In the second call from EPS, my response was short, along the lines of "seriously? you've got to be kidding", upon which I hung up. The detective clearly knew the complaint lacked any merit. But he satisfied the "requirements" of contacting me. Pfff... harassing... Just saying that when you get stupid complaints that are clearly really really stupid like this one was... the cops should be able to just drop it. I can tell you that the mediation process allowed me the opportunity to prove for once and all that I am no threat to anyone and never have been and probably will never be. Everything I have ever done has been to help or to fix something. I am the person that fixed the Punky database, that allowed EPS to finally marry the vast amount of evidence and resulted in the arrest and conviction of her killer. I am not the bad guy and I have never BEEN the bad guy. Something both EPS and the City can not say in return.

A recent release by the Premier over the airport/medivac issues has me very much in a state of "puke". I am insulted and angered over the "and the citizens of Edmonton voted to close the airport" statement. What a crock of ElToroPooPoo. Everyone knows at the time, the wording of that so-called vote was designed specifically to confuse people. After the vote, all you could hear was "oh my god, I thought it meant something else.. if I knew what it really meant I would have voted differently". And herein again, is yet another big problem.

It's OK to do something 'dirty', and get away with it, and not have anything done about it. This was clear yet once again when city council did their airport dirty work, held the required public hearings, and then just did what they wanted to. And there is nothing legally "we" can do about it. And they are doing the exact same thing again with the arena. The years of lies... "oh, no taxpayer dollars will be used", "oh we will call for a plebiscite for that", "oh it will never go over this dollar amount", and of course the famous "look, I've told you a hundred times, nothing is going to happen unless all of the money is in place". SIGH.

Our politicians are allowed to lie and mislead the public. The provincial government has been given many suggestions for ways of allowing for politicians to be more accountable, for having some form of recall legislation, and for making it an offense to lie to get elected. They have done nothing in this area. As a matter of fact the next election we will be stuck with god knows what for FOUR years instead of three. All we are told over and over again is "oh you can vote them out". Well a lot of freaking good that does eh?

To the Premier and the Minister of Municipal Affairs, I challenge you... stand up, make some laws that allow the people an HONEST chance at fixing bad problems or bad things done by politicians of any civic or provincial area. Here is your chance to actually prove you listen and you care.

If not, then we are stuck with a city council that will give inaccurate information just to get a CRL approved to aid in putting money into the pocket of a billionaire. You don't care if the information provided is accurate, that's not your responsibility to check it.You just accept it as being the truth. Why the rush? Hold back on the CRL and demand more real proof. It's been said over and over that the amount of NEW tax dollars will be extremely small, if any at all. This is all shifted tax money from one area of the city to another.

Peoples unborn children will be facing the brunt of paying for this when everything fails. And it will fail. We all know that.