Saturday, August 31, 2013

You got some splainin to do Lucy.. er.. Dave

With reference to a TwitDoc document recently posted, as well as emails received from another credible source, I listened to a recent radio interview with Dave Colburn (@davecolb), where the subject of closing schools comes up.

Dave specifically states that he never voted to close a school.

Yet this document also includes information which relates to a story published by the Edmonton Journal in the Letters section, dated March 27th, 2009, and it also contains information directly from the school boards minutes, which "for the record" shows that indeed Dave DID vote to close schools.

Well.. I'm shocked. The appearance of it all is that Dave lied...

In my books, if you are going to start out this way, then you simply can not be trusted. .. Time after time we hear politicians spinning stories to get elected and then we hear the change of the tune of the music. The Alberta Government doesn't seem to have any interest in changing the laws to protect the public. This election year will be the first time we have voted in locals for 4 years instead of 3.

Pick wisely. Preferably someone that doesn't lie out of the box. I hope Ward 7 folks get this...