Monday, March 8, 2010

Directional Changes

A few years back I created a registered Society, in the hopes of promoting common sense values and to assist people in need that have been caught between the cracks of life.  I have had the opportunity to "walk a mile in your shoes" in many areas, some of which were a lot more fun than others.

I won't bore you with those stories, simply because most of you would gasp from the shock of how one person could survive such travesties of life.  I will however say that I have been blessed in knowing that I have been able to help a few people.

Sadly, the original funding request made through the Alberta Lotteries Commission was turned down, and a request to have the application reviewed received only a canned email from the Minister, that didn't even bother to address the questions and comments I was asking about.  But I am a stubborn person, and I forged ahead to do what I could.

I am not the type of person that can just ask for money and donations.  My "marketing" skills are certainly lacking.  Despite those issues, I did what I could.  The money to fund this venture has ... simply put... vanished.  Considering it all came from my own personal account and from a line of credit, I think I did not bad!  I am proud to have been able to help where I could, and naturally, privacy issues dictate that I can't tell you who was helped.  The folks who were, know... and that's all that is really important.

With all of that said, I can no longer afford to maintain the registered society, website, post office box, telephone, etc.  On March 21st, the domain will expire... and shortly after that the website hosting service will also expire.  But this really is not a "bad" thing, because I have learnt a lot, especially from the great folks who are in twitter, and social media in general.  I will continue to strive towards standing up for those in need, and to promote more accountability, honesty, and transparency from those in charge.

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