Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alberta Health Care Review 2011

I think it is pretty clear a review of some type is needed. I constantly say I am not an expert in these and other political type things so I tend to go with the idea of "let those who know... do...".  As a human being, one should be able to see there are many things within the system that are not right, and have not been right for a long time.

I also suspect that many of the problems within the system come from so called "reports" that the system itself generates. We have painfully seen in recent months, how these biased reports create situations that are just not good for anyone, in the long run. The people are generically not "dumb" and we look for honesty and integrity. We know mistakes happen, and the key for everything to work out can only be determined from the accuracy of the information presented. THAT information MUST be unbiased, even more so if it points out flaws in the system. If we do not know the truth, no matter how painful it is, we can not fix what's broken.

As some of you are aware, one of the things I have been fighting for is to get information on the truth behind a baby's death. The indications are that this baby may not have had to die, if the City of Edmonton had not interfered with the runway operations at the City Center Airport. I have tried to deal with many political type folks, including the Wild Rose Alliance, along with many of the Edmonton and Grande Prairie political and media people. And it seems along the way, everyone has not been successful in getting the details.

One of the more recent people I've talked with has been Doug Griffiths. Now I may be an Alberta Party member and supporter, but I've always said that I will stand behind any politician, regardless of party, who is willing to do things right. I happen to be one of the many who think that Doug is this type of person. During my discussions with Doug, the topic of medevac services (over this issue) was discussed. He told me he had talks with the medevac folks, and they didn't have "issues" with the closure of the airport and supporting services it provides. And I was shocked! So I asked him... "Was it just STARS that you talked with" and he responded with 'yes'.

Now my understanding was starting to take shape. As much as STARS provides a needed service, they are NOT the actual medevac folks who deal with things. I asked Doug to expand his knowledge and learn the real truth, by talking with the pilots who actually do these services, and not "just" the STARS administration folks. I made a few contacts, who were (reluctantly) willing to discuss this, and passed some information along to Doug.

I believe more of the truth will come out during these Health Care meetings, and I firmly believe the roll of the Edmonton City Center Airport needs to be completely re-evaluated, considering the situation and new information that has come to light. Failure to include this, will be an insult to the parents of the baby that died, probably needlessly. I've never been able to contact them, and I wonder if they know the truth...

I have to say a big "thanks" to Doug, for his willingness to listen. It speaks volumes...

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