Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fool Me Twice

As the saying goes, fool me once - shame on you... fool me twice - shame on me.

It's once of those quaint English expressions you hear from time to time, and the City of Edmonton is trying to pull another fast one over your eyes, with the pre-planned assistance from the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation.

Yes... this very same organization, which is owned by the City of Edmonton, which issues a press release just prior to the last Edmonton civic election touting how great Mr. Mandel is... is at it once again. The EEDC is hosting a FREE BBQ downtown, hoping to lure your body so they can use you as a pawn in order to promote the advantages of the proposed downtown arena.

The plan is to announce a new CRL zone (read the report from Mack Male here), worth in excess of 300 million dollars, from which they will be using a good portion of those funds so that Mandel can finally say "Hey, we have the money now to rob the taxpayers and put huge sums of taxpayer money into Mr. Katz's private billionaire pockets".

I mean seriously... using taxpayer money to lure people for a free bbq, all in order to have bodies at a press release announcement about the CRL funds... Hey... feel free to be used as a pawn which the Edmonton Media will be showing "look at the number of people we can get downtown and have fun". After all, according to the City of Edmonton's own website promoting this free event, they state:
Join EEDC for a free BBQ lunch to celebrate the vibrancy of Edmonton's downtown - and organizations like ATB Financial that choose to play a key role in making downtown Edmonton a vibrant place.
 Yes, even the ATB will be there. After all, they are the "proud sponsors of the Edmonton Oilers".

I hope you enjoy being used as a pawn... after all, Mandel must think you are all nothing but a bunch of suckers. Remember that as you woof down your (cough) free food today.

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