Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Edmonton Snow Removal Issues

The following is an open letter sent to Edmonton City Council folks concerning our cities first snow fall removal efforts under a new bylaw. You can take the list of emails for your reference if you wish. They are:
linda.sloan@edmonton.ca; kim.krushell@edmonton.ca; dave.loken@edmonton.ca; ed.gibbons@edmonton.ca; karen.leibovici@edmonton.ca; jane.batty@edmonton.ca; tony.caterina@edmonton.ca; ben.henderson@edmonton.ca; bryan.anderson@edmonton.ca; don.iveson@edmonton.ca; kerry.diotte@edmonton.ca; amarjeet.sohi@edmonton.ca; Stephen.Mandel@edmonton.ca
The email sent:

I have been reading several stories on how the City has handled a new season on snow, in a winter city. Specifically I will refer to this link from iNews880 "1278 tickets and some parking complaints in snow post mortem"

I remember a time when we had signs that indicated a "no parking - snow route", and the City would announce when these were in effect. For the most part, the system worked well, and the existing laws also worked. So I am curious why we had to spend in excess of $600,000 to make new signs for a seasonal ban (with an added time frame) and then after people complained the time frame was removed from those signs? And how much more did THAT cost us? Do we not now have exactly what the existing snow parking ban signs were in place for?

Clearly, this council has failed to provide proper direction to Administration, and has just ASSumed that people in these areas are capable of thinking. Nothing like thinking people can think when they can't. And you continue to employ them as well.

In the above article, Sohi was "spot on" with people going back to parking after the plows went through. That's the way it was done before. Ticketing people after the fact? Really?

For Dunford to say it would be impossible to "un-ban"... I have to ask why? If the plows have gone...

As well, Diotte is "spot on" with his comments.

Sadly, we have Henderson's comments about the alternative. As yes, the brilliant idea that we will just ban all cars from parking on major roads in front of their homes for 6 months. The best friendly idea to residents who pay taxes, ever made.

I get that it's not a "right" to be able to park on the street in front of your own residence. But if you want to really make the residents of this City mad, please... keep on doing what you are doing.

I can't begin to tell you how many comments I have been hearing that equate how this City is being run by a Gestapo like service. The image this City is creating to the rest of the world is "come here to be abused, have your tax dollars wasted and be treated with no respect".

Welcome to Deadmonton.

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