Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whats the rush?

You would think people are dying because they don't have a hospital or medical center to get to.

You would think people are dying because the highway is too narrow and needs twinning.

So... what IS the rush to get the PROPOSED arena built in downtown? Well, the marketing folks are trying to get you to think "hey, if we wait, costs are going to skyrocket! We can't afford to wait!"


Many people have said that the real reasons are... in no particular order...

1) The current lease at Northlands runs out then, so they have no place to play.

2) The current least at Northlands runs out and Katz HATES them with a passion, he will do ANYTHING to get away from them.

3) There will be an election in 2013 for City Council, and the deal has to be completed and signed before then, so that the next group of people coming in (and I strongly speculate a lot of the current people WILL be on their way out) will be bound by a contract signed with Katz... one with severe penalties for breaking it.

Personally, I think items 2 and 3 are the more logical choices.

Most humorous in all of this, will be watching multiple council members flaunt the huge numbers from their latest website survey... you know the one... where the choice you wanted to really make was missing from the options available... the one where the questions were slanted and biased towards a positive outcome.

Close to being totally opposite of any other survey done, no matter if it was just online polls by various people or groups... or completely unbiased professional services.

Meh... Ignorance is bliss, isn't it :)

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