Friday, February 8, 2013

Debunking Reports

The City of Edmonton has released yet another "report" trying to con you into believing how great and rah-rah the new arena is supposed to be. And then we have councilor Sohi running his mouth off in support for this.

I must admit, I am getting a little sick and tired of all of the lies, deceptions, mis-truths and all of the other ElToroPooPoo happening. Very few people in city council seem to have the morals and ethics to deal with this properly.

For sure, Mayor Mandel has been lying his teeth off. No taxpayer dollars will ever be used to build an arena. Nothing will be done until all of the funds are in place. The project will never go over $450 million dollars.

What a crock. And this report? OH MY GOD.. Why don't we use this as a better angle, after all it is basically the same thing...

Let's bring in 5000 new people into Edmonton. We will build a brand new community to hold them. 5000 new houses will be built costing $120,000 each for a total of $600 million dollars. Look at all of the jobs we will make, all of the new people paying taxes and spending money. So because of this, the federal and provincial governments should put huge sums of dollars into this because we are going to send them huge sums of dollars in taxes.

Seriously? When the hell are you going to wake up? First of all, this report is speculation at best. I am not aware of any other sports development around that has attracted the money stated. To think we will be the ones to do it is absurd.

Let's not forget, all of the dollars for this arena project are effectively tax dollars from your pocket. The money Katz is putting in, is YOUR money he is borrowing from YOUR tax dollars, and paying it back over a really long time.

Let's not forget, we own the building, now have to pay all of the maintenance for it, and get not a single penny in profits. Every cent goes to Katz. Remember in the council meeting when this was "approved", someone from the KG said "don't be mad at us when we make a LOT of money from this", and someone on council said "oh hey, that's great, we want you to make a lot of money." ... Taxpayers pay it all. Katz gets it all.

Criminal? Certainly borderline... unethical? Hell ya. None of the people in council that voted for this project have the moral ethics to stay in office. And where is the Alberta Government while all this unethical crap is going on? Hiding.... politicians like to cover politicians asses. Which certainly raises the question of ethics for the Alberta Government.

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