Sunday, March 10, 2013

Corruption or Abuse or... Part 2 of 3

I am dedicating this section specifically to councilor Dave Loken. Do note I am not picking on you, but perhaps some might consider this payback. We've had many discussions in twitter where I have simply told the truth, and you have responded with a substantial amount of statements where you attempted to slight my character. You should not have done that, and people should remember that parts of this even made the news. When EPS contacted me the second time over (cough) "threats", I was sure it was just another City employee working the twitter account. And I got really pissed at them.

Let me share the results of the EPS FOIP on this with folks..

I do want to point out that the parts of this blacked out were done by ME... There is no point in mentioning the person that was the liaison over this. Wow.. seriously Dave? You get so pissed at me because of your arrogance and inability to handle a respectable conversation in twitter that you have to resort to doing THIS type of thing? Man, that's some class... But hey, lets not stop here... how about this stuff..

I do need to state that since this incident, I have taken the liberty to add in several Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles to my (cough) tank.. And since then, several of the Edmonton media and politicians have asked me both in public and private, if they could please borrow it. Naturally, sharing the fun is the only decent thing to do so I have said "yes" to everyone that asked.

Since you think my tank is such a big deal, then perhaps you should wait until I bring my Apache helicopter out of storage and fire that up... which I will do as soon as I can find the keys. Seems like I misplaced them somewhere along the way. Or maybe I just forgot. I am after all, getting old you know.

With all of that said, if anyone reading this thinks any of it is possible, or in any way shape or form that it could be an actual threat,,, well... about all I can say is you're pretty freaking brain dead. Regardless, it sure speaks volumes about the quality and caliber of Mr. Loken... Here is a promise Dave. Just for you, and just because you did this... should you decide to run for office again this year then you should know I will be there to remind people ... respectfully, politely, and within the law... of your actions and lies. Do note, I said this is a promise... which is not a threat. It is after all, my democratic right to speak the truth, and I will do so. Within the law of course.

Now on to part 3, where I will bring up some valid points and questions, and show another example of what is wrong with "the system"... The link is here..

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