Monday, April 22, 2013

Rest In Peace, my dear sweet friend...

Many months back, I was delighted to spend a little bit of a home visit with @lonesomebilydad (John) checking over some lights for a trailer he uses to haul his Greyhound rescue dogs. At the time, I also took advantage of the opportunity to see his setup in his house, where he lovingly provides to the needs of his extended pet family. Anyone who has pets, knows they are just like your children, and these dogs were clearly John's children.

John was at the kitchen counter, tending to some badly needed coffee, and one of the greys came trotting over to my side, and stuck her nose into my hand... "Pay attention to me!" was the clear intent of the nudge and licks... and I was happily petting away and scratching her ears when John turned around and saw what was going on.

His face went numb, and his jaw dropped.. I didn't think anything much about it at that instant, and I just smiled. .. And then I went a little quizzical and John said something like "but you don't understand!"

He went on to explain that this grey whose name was Sadie, came from a very abusive environment and did not trust strangers.. especially male strangers. But here Sadie was, by my side... and not leaving. I would try to take a few steps, head for the freshly made coffee... and every step I took, Sadie just stayed with me. John continued to be shocked, and I was totally blown away. I mean, I always loved animals, and they almost always took a shine to me... but this was just extra special. At a time in my life where something so simple like unforgiving love was given to me by someone (yes... Sadie IS a 'someone') without hesitation.. Well, I honestly can not tell you how warm I was feeling inside. Sadie my dear, you made my day on that day.

Time would go by, and John and I would exchange tweet updates on how "my girl" was doing, and of course there would be pic's like crazy of family members here and there, running around, noses in the snow, or just lapping up the sun rays while lazing on the couch. It was wonderful to be able to see stuff, those kinds of things that just make you want to smile. :)

Sadly, there is a bad part. Another message from John today, was about cancer. That horrible C word that you'd just love to bash over the head with a hammer. Many of you already know John is living with that word in his personal life... Naturally, I offered the "whatever I can do" stuff, because John is my friend. And a while later I got a DM... and my heart sank.

Sadie... she too was suffering from cancer . ... and today was her last day. John had to do the right thing. I .. I just can not imagine that pain but.. you can tell the love from him was there... big time. And John.. well, John is just one of those big guys.

John says Sadie really loved ice cream... on the last day, the love shows.

Thank you my friend, for being that loving parent, and sharing your family today. .. And thank you for allowing me to share that love as well.

Rest in peace Sadie

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  1. I feel so sorry for John and Deb. Horrible Cancer.