Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Depressed

Ever had one of those days when the things you really believe in to be good for pretty much all of your life, turn out to be something other than what you expected? Well, today was one of those days for me... not because of the arena, at least... directly.

But because it seems like what you were lead to believe in for integrity and standing up for what would appear to be the right thing all of a sudden has been flushed down the drain.

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday May 16th), I will be saying an (unpleasant) good bye to something that I grew up with. We were hatched in the same year, that being 1954, and we grew together. I watched you all the time, I appeared with you to celebrate, and I secretly financially supported the good things that I thought you stood for. And maybe you still do those "good things", but I can no longer tolerate the various paths that you use to sustain all of the things you do.

I stood by you, in thick and thin, because you told me over and over how much you cared about the City that I live in, and the people that live there. You said you had the highest of morals and standards. You said you were beholding to no one.

Sadly, I now question what you told me, for over the past year... I've watched you slip into the dark shadows of deceptive story telling. The stories you tell me are now more skewered with a marketing slant, as it appears that your new owners are gently guiding you away from the truth. You seem to prefer to a more slanted truth, instead of the reality that every day people are able to see.

Yesterday you had a golden opportunity, albeit a little time restricted, to bring some truth out but you did not. I had hoped that today, you would have stood up and told the story that the majority of people have been saying for a long time. And you did not. I even went so far as to ask you privately, if you would tell this story but your response back was "we are more concerned about the questions being leading...".

THAT shocked me. Leading? Seriously?? Yet at the same time you have no problems what so ever about telling (and perpetuating) all of the other misleading facts... Something I've also been talking to you privately about because I wanted "us" to endure. I wanted to help you make your world shine.

Today, you let me down. Not only me, but hundreds of thousands of other people as well. You made it clear that your morals and integrity were but mere marketing words. You've showed me that your caring seems to be limited by the corporate world instead of being what I thought you were. Truth tellers.

I now see a biased truth, and I'm sorry... I know in the over all picture of life I am pretty much meaningless to your world. I doubt losing me will affect you at all.

And that is perhaps the saddest of all, because I believed in you. Or rather, I used to.

Tonight was the last night I will watch CTV Edmonton. Not your news, not your shows, not your twitter feeds. Tomorrow after noon I will start the process of unfollowing the people and station that I cared about for 59 years, because I no longer have faith in your expression of being honest.

For what it's worth, the twitter world exploded over the private poll this lady did. And probably the most simplest and unbiased questions I have ever seen. Certainly a lot more honest than anything the City has ever done. You dropped the ball on this one and showed me your true colors.

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  1. I hear ya in what you're saying Gary, I got tell you you managed to go further than I did, gave up on any media being completely honest and therefore haven't watched a news show in years, I don't read newspapers either. Oh perhaps the odd article once in blue moon, but today it's all driven by politics one way or another whether directly or indirectly and the notion of getting something unbiased is long gone.
    I somehow knew when this woman did her own poll it would either be skewed, overlooked, mocked or all of the above. Our current civic government was so focus on the "vision" that vision of this fair city has become a dark one, to the point I'm currently considering moving from this city.