Friday, November 1, 2013

100 Thousand Tweets

It's been a long road, this twitter journey. Over the past 3 plus years I've had a lot to say, of that there is no question.

When I first started, I was trying to run a non-profit agency called the Alberta Common Sense Society, which was geared towards helping those people caught between the cracks in the system. With the "system" being anything from political to health care to social services, and every where in between. I had my reasons for doing this, some of which I posted in this blog. Sadly, the NFP didn't work out due to funding issues, which is often the case for failure within the industry.

Over time, the way I have dealt with issues has also changed. I think I've come a long way, and have learned a lot more about communications and better methods. I'm still just as pissed as I used to be, maybe even more so now... and of course depending on the issues, it varies. The bottom line is I'm really concerned about the future for today's kids. Anyway.. enough of that, yes? :)

As I look back upon my twitter journey, I've found some really super great folks. And I've realized some that I thought were great, were fooling me. I'm not going to bother to name the latter, and to start to talk about the former would... well... Just way too many to mention. I'm sure I would miss a few people as well, just because there are so many of you that have blessed my world, my life..

You.. the good people... and you DO know who you are...

You make my day, pretty much on a daily basis... sometimes even minute by minute. Some of you have kept me sane during times when I've felt my world crumbling around me. Both male and female... and from every age group... and from all over Canada and the USA. You have allowed me to share my stories with you, which I hope has allowed you to gain some wisdom, and have a little fun. You have also shared your stories with me, many which have opened my eyes as well.

It's always a pleasure to learn new things. Something I have always been eager to do. Those that have taken the time to know me, understand that no matter what the topic is, I'm willing to listen. Just be logical with your passion, and I can't refuse to hear you. I may be getting to be one of those proverbial "old dogs", however those "new tricks" is what keeps my mind and my spirit alive and full of vigor. Don't ever stop!

Those that know me (saying it again) also know it's easy for my heart to let things get all mushie. The "social media" aspect tends to make me keep my guard up somewhat. About all I can say is a big "thank you" to those wise enough to read between the lines. I look forward to more coffee, more fun... and especially, more hugs.

So there ya go.. short and sweet. Just because there are never enough words to say just how much I appreciate you, and people would be totally bored reading it all.

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