Monday, June 2, 2014

And who do you represent?

I tend to not get overly involved with the Canadian federal politics scene because I just don't have the mindset to handle having a dictator running my country. It's hard enough just to keep up with the local civic and provincial issues as it is. Some of you are probably calling "bullshit" at this statement, because now and then I do send out twitter messages, many of them directly including Harper's twitter account, about dictatorship, treason, and other things. Yet I am nowhere near as "hard" on Canadian Politics as many others.

With that said, the other day I was bored and frustrated, so I turned on the tv set and came across the political discussions on the CTV Power Play program. I never watch it... but I did say I was bored.

Apparently there is this big issue involving Justin Trudeau and stuff happening with respect to the abortion issue. CTV showed various clips, one of them where he was asked a question and then stood there not saying anything and looking totally stupid. Finally  followed by awkwardly worded sentences that seemed to indicate he was being caught with his pants down and had no clue what to say in "political" words.

One clip did catch my attention though, and it had to do with voting along party lines, regardless of the MP's personal views on the matter. What made things worse, from my perspective, was the panel on Power Play were more concerned about the "abortion" topic, than the rest of the response.

Um... excuse me MISTER Trudeau... and the rest of the MP's that WE the people, elect.

I know I expect too much. Like honesty and integrity. Something that the vast majority of you, regardless of party, seem to lack. And excuse me for being under the naive impression that WE the people (supposedly) elected you to represent US. And by "us" I don't mean the United States either. Silly that I even have to mention that but we know how you love to twist things and offer excuses. Anything but the truth, so help you God.

This post is just to remind you for the future election(s). WE the people grow tired. WE the people are very annoyed with you for representing anything BUT what WE hired you to do.

Your jobs as Members of Parliament are to represent the views of the people that elected you. Not your personal views. And certainly NOT your party views.

YOU think we are too polite to stand up and fight for the right things for all of Canada. I would suggest to you, that you are sadly mistaken. WE the people... have had enough.

As for the abortion issue, since I know some of you came here to read about that...

I don't believe that it is my place to tell a woman what to do with her body.

This is a matter between the woman and her doctor. And yes, I get that it's not quite that simple. These things never are. The issues are certainly complex on both sides of the fence, of that... there is no question. My personal belief is that each case must be based on the individual merits. I would feel very sad if a woman was choosing abortion as a form of birth control. But I would also be sad if a woman was forced to term if the pregnancy was a result of a rape, when that woman did not want to have that "memory" being forced on her. Some women can handle that, some can't. This again boils down to a medical issue. Both the mental and physical health of the mother-to-be must be taken into consideration.

Please don't beat me over the head, because I also agree "all" should have a chance at life.

I am not specifically pro-choice. Nor am I anti-choice. I simply have to defer back to my statement, that it is not my place to tell a woman what to do with her body.

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