Friday, May 1, 2015

No support for Charities you say?

In a report by the Edmonton Sun, a partial quote follows:

"If there's no bottom line, then there's no money that goes to charities. We won't make donations to charities," Mawji said, using the Stollery Children's Hospital and the University of Alberta as examples of where the losses will be felt.

If you don't like what this group are saying, I've compiled a list of the names and office numbers, should you so desire to voice your opinion to them directly. My suggestion would be to simply say:

If your organization is going to refuse the fine and deserving charities in this city and province, then I am sorry but I will never support you or be associated with anything you will ever do.

In all cases, I urge you to be polite, but firm. As much as you may be tempted to curse and swear and scream and holler, it is most important that you demonstrate that you are BETTER then they are.

Tim Melton - Chairman of Melcor Developments 780-423-6931
Ashif Mawji - CEO of NPO Zero 587-409-4299
Doug Goss - Lawyer (net shows multiple possibilities. Anyone got the right number?)
Paul Verhesen - CEO of Clark Builders Edmonton 780-395-3300 Calgary 403-253-0565
John Cameron - CEO of Keller Construction 780-484-1010

Please note. These phone numbers were acquired by an internet search engine, and they may not be accurate. Please advise me, and I will make any necessary corrections immediately. And my deepest apologies to anyone that may get contacted due to an incorrect number.

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