Friday, November 20, 2015

You said you were a friend...

Minding my own business, doing my own twitter thing... and you followed me. Since I always look at someones timeline before I follow or follow back, I naturally checked you over.

Sure, you were cute. But we all know real beauty comes from within, and your posts seemed to be thoughtful and caring, so I followed back. The fact you were married, with children, had no bearing on anything. Over time, we exchanged the odd tweet but we never really talked a lot.

One day out of the blue, you started blurting out some family personal problems to me in DM's, which needless to say took me by surprise a little bit. I guess my reputation for keeping confidential things confidential, preceded me. I listened with a sad heart as you described events, and offered bits of advice and support here and there. At the end of it, I know you felt like the weight of the world had been taken off your shoulders, even if for just a day.

Over the next while, we talked more. I would use my word twists to help let you smile and laugh, and eventually you ended up telling me that you wanted to be my friend, wanted to get to know me, wanted to know all of the things that happened in my life and what made me be the person I am. You also said that you never wanted to hurt me. Eventually, you even told me you had a crush on me, and I laughed a little bit over that. I made you feel safe, because part of the things that I told you, dealt with my ex wife and the abuse she put me through and how she cheated on me... and that was something that I had never done to anyone and would never do to anyone.

We played a lot of word games, and it was fun. Those were after all, just words in direct messages. Time passed, and we eventually met in real life. At first it was a bit awkward but during our coffee or lunch meets, there was never any form of contact, other than hugs. Things carried along for quite some time, and I never once deviated from my morals.

We went from having word fun, to literally a dead stop, almost overnight. And that's cool. I get it. And then you started to shy away from the friendship we created. So I put a stop to it, unfollowed you and forced you to unfollow me. Shortly after that you started to email me, often with no content other than a title for the email. You said "it can't end like this"... and you followed me back. Clearly, since I am obviously such a glutton for punishment, I followed you back as well, and we had some more direct messages. And a few more meetings in real life. This is when the real you, started to become clear.

What I saw was a person that was afraid I would spill the beans and a person that had more interest in protecting her private life. And despite my telling you for like "forever"... I am not that type of guy. You finally seemed convinced, at which point you just shut down again. You had your jollies, you had your fun, and it was over. I sent you a DM just after your birthday, belated and all. Mine is just a short time after yours and I got... nothing.

It was at that point that it finally dawned on me... I'd been had. You got what you wanted.... a little bit of excitement at my expense. So much for your promise that you would never hurt me. The devastation of that caused me to stop using twitter for a long period of time. I of course, did that unfollow thing again with you, and the rest of your family. And since coming back, my online time has been quite low. I am extremely leery of new people following me, and I am a lot less helpful to other people that I know. For the most part, I know they are not out to use me like you did but as the saying goes, once burnt twice shy.

I know you still troll me. Today I was informed by a little birdie that you went private on your account. When I went to look, twitter also told me you blocked me. A little bit of an over kill, don't you think, my dear? :) I mean after all, going private does the same thing.

I have found out you are much more egotistical than I realized. Looking good, taking those never ending selfies, having people say how cute you are... Those are the things that are important to you, not friends. A friend that never did any harm to you, never spilled the beans about you... and you stabbed both in the heart and in the back.

I'm creating this post, because I want you to know that you mean nothing to me anymore. I feel sorry for the people that are around you, including your family. Man, if they only knew...

Unlike you though, I am... not ... that ... guy. .. .. I remember at one point, you told me the only reason you were on twitter was because of me. I would suggest that it maybe its the right time to close your account. You think you are safe from prying eyes, the ones that are watching over you to see if you pull the same stunt with another guy.

I think you were just looking for some innocent thrills. And you got those, big time. Despite your best efforts into trying to make it more, I also think that you got frustrated because I didn't give in.

Remember, I told you... all I have left in life is my morals. I suggest you try getting some. It's a much more joyous feeling, compared to being self centered and only concerned about how you look.

As a side note to others reading this... take a moment and remind yourself... don't be like this to your friends. Because real friends, don't do this.


Several people have commented that since my friend didn't keep their word, then why should I? And that is a good question. My biggest concern is for others that will fall prey to the same trap I did. No one should be subject to the heartbreak of someone professing to be a friend, when clearly they had ulterior motives. Of course, part of this is my fault as well, for getting sucked into something that I should have known better on. I honestly thought that the friendship was real. A few people have made guesses on who this person is and up to this point I have neither confirmed nor denied. I was told at one point that she would leave twitter. Which is perhaps the best solution... put more effort into being that loving wife, for the sake of everyone. Then there would be no reason to spill any beans.

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  1. Some people just don't value friendship, they think of it as just a passing period.