Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25,000 - Where has the time gone...

A lot has happened since I joined Twitter back in September of 2009.  Some good, some bad... but through all of it, there has been a lot of fun and enjoyment too.  I'll start with the good, of course... they say it's nicer to be positive (which is very true) so I will give it my best shot.

There are simply WAY too many people that I have met over the past year, where "awesome" is only but one word to describe them, clearly for various reasons.

With that said, I want to start out with a most kind hearted man, known by the twitter name of @lonesomebilydad. John has dedicated much of his time to caring for, and helping to educate the people of Edmonton and Alberta, about the wonderful world of Greyhound dogs. His love for all animals is without question, very true.  Who else do you know that would put his life in danger, to comfort a dying wild coyote?  It's a story only he can tell, and I urge you to get to know him more.

On the other end of the "spectrum" if you will, is a lady who has a warm heart and soul... someone who cares about the art of the screen.  Twitter member @dream2screen, or "Carol Anne", uses a substantial amount of "wise words" within her tweets, combined with a great wisdom.  You must check out her website, which is Dream2Screen Entertainment.  It's really quite easy to see how this wonderful person has acquired such a huge following, both locally and internationally.  I must also include another lady with similar characteristics, and that is the remarkable @DancinginLife.  Diana has this zest... this passion... for wanting to eat things that are good for the heart and soul.  A person who does not judge others, nor does she step on toes.  If you have that zest for life, and want to put a little 'zing' into your step, then I would suggest that you visit her "Real Food For Life" website.

For a "sappy" moment, I also have to single out two people, who's rationality and dedication to being some of the nicest people around, I give #kudos to both @Tucktovich@XelaEpop. I'd also like to give them a kick in the ass for moving to Ontario in the next few weeks.  How dare you move away.... (said in the nicest way and with love, of course.)

A big "wave of the hand" has to go out to literally dozens of people, just because they are fun and friendly... or nut cases...or just have something really valuable to offer.  I'll have to let you decide :)  In no particular order are... @DebraWard, @SaySandra, @graceawong, @PoisonLolita, @Cokebear17, @GuitarKat, @shezug, @TrinaMLee, @TamaraStecyk@habanerogal, @carebaer322@Wildsau, @KikkiPlanet, @Calgarywriter, @fusedlogic, @SirThinks@suehuff, @ScottHennig, @hurtinalbertan, @SenMitchell, @britl, @joshclassen, @kabluey, @crnkylttlmnky, @ChrisHayden1142 and @BrentWelch.

With all due respect, I could go on literally for pages.  Everyone that I follow and/or deal with in one form or another, I do so because I am interested in what you have to say.  Sometimes I may not like what you say, but I generally still respect you for who you are.  And the only reason (seriously) that I 'drew the line' where I did, is because my fingers were getting really freaking tired in doing all of the cutting and pasting of the names and links.  Hey, I'm getting old... gimme a break. :)

I also want to acknowledge someone who, at such a young age, has a huge understanding of the meaning of life, and caring for others.  Darla (@leavesofmemory) and her entire family are passionate about life... specifically the saving and caring of.  It's been quite a humbling experience to know you and your family.

Which leads me to probably the one thing that has pissed me off the most, and that is without a doubt the cold hearts of the majority of the Edmonton City Council (aka #yegcc in twitter) and that of the Health Services section of the Provincial Government.  Why the NEED to close down the airport is beyond me, and even more than that, the arrogance to close THE most critical runway makes no sense.  I guess that's the way the City shoves something down your throat.  The province has been less than supportive on this critical issue as well, because they have done everything within their power to make sure the people never hear about the "bad" things within the health system, by providing blanket gag orders.

Both of your "cover ups" have, in my humble opinion, added to the conditions that may very well have been the ultimate cause of a baby's death... not even a month old, this child might have been able to have lived, if that runway had still been operational.  In my books, a lump of coal is too good of a present for you folks this Christmas.  Sleep well...

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