Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Alberta Party and Political Trolls

First things first. Anyone that knows me, will tell you I am no where near "knowledgeable" when it comes to things of a political nature.  I have never belonged to a Party before, I have never really 'cared' that much before.  Yes, I am the fella who just mumbles under my breath at what the politicians (civic, provincial and federal) have been doing, when they have been doing something that makes me mad.  And over the years, all three levels of these groups have been making me madder and madder and madder.  I have decided that it is way over due for me to get involved, to learn, to discuss, to understand.  Thankfully, I've been blessed with many life experiences during my almost 57 years of existence. I am the handyman kinda guy, I take things apart and put them back together... anything from watches to car engines.  I can visualize the mechanics of things, and understand the cause and effects of doing things.  I've also been blessed with a mind that lets me see things just as if I were a computer.  I can analyze stuff, think of the "stupid" things one might do, and what I can do as a programmer, to prevent those types of hiccups.  Needless to say, I'm really very very good at what I do.  Yes, I DO make mistakes. And I do my best to learn from them.

I have to wonder at this point, if getting involved in politics is really the sane thing to do. I did join the Alberta Party, and I am keenly interested in seeing the generics of what this organization stands for, develop and grow. Being the computer geek I am, watching things within Twitter under the #abparty hash tag has left me totally astounded... .. .. I mean seriously, is THIS really the way politics works?

The supposed "professional and intelligent" people that TROLL this area blow me away.  I thought that watching Question Period from the Legislature was comical at best, and insulting to my intelligence at the least. Politics seems to be about trying to bash and belittle anyone and everything that stands in the way of what someone else desires. And personally, to me... if YOU are one of those types of people then I feel sorry for you. In my books, you are nothing short of a bully.

Let me state, I clearly will always support your right to freedom of speech. With that said, it would be really nice if your speech was an attempt to help, rather than to insult.  I'm sure that the Alberta Party people would still listen to you, because they believe that everyone deserves a voice, even trolls. But consider how much weight those words will carry... For me, I have lots of ideas. And it could very well be that maybe 85% of those ideas are just silly. Life may have blessed me in many areas but I am certainly not an expert. With the 15% left in my idea 'base', maybe 10% of those will be very worthy of more consideration and discussion, and the 5% balance could be within the "right on' category (aka holly crap that's a great idea).

I know I will be listened to. But what about you? Good ideas come from all people. ALL PEOPLE. Belonging to a Party, no matter WHAT party that is, doesn't change that. Even if that party is "no party at all".

So my question is... Do you want to be a part of the problem, or part of the solution.  I choose to be part of the solution.

Do note, these are my own personal statements. I am only a member, I do not at this time sit on any boards etc.


  1. Well said Gary, I often need to take time away from the Social Media, especially twitter so that I can ensure that I am hearing from the mainstream. That is the folks on the street, in the coffee shops, library, grocery stores and such. It brings balance and perspective.

    The hyper-engaged that spend all day on twitter and what have you are not reflective of the general population yet.

    I also like to note that it is really a very small minority that like to attack certain hashtags, they are attacking the other party out of fear I expect. Not in any interest to engage in a meaningful discussion that could help shape the future of our province.

    I applaud you for engaging in our political process and also striving to bring perspective, balance and respect back to politics. I've never understood why it has to be any other way.


  2. As usual I agree w/u! Although I have joined a different party, it is out of desire to get involved. I think what most people tend to forget is that politics starts with grass roots people wanting to help bring about change. But unfortunately, a few air-heads who want power/control/a position, get in front of things and mess it up for the rest involved.

    All we can do is try to get involved and try to become knowledegable, right? :)