Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Daryl Katz

I recently read your "interview/statement" titled "All bets are off" on the Edmonton Journals website. And I have to say your whining is most impressive.

Rather than having the balls to come back to Edmonton and actually sit down in front of media and the citizens of this city, you continue to hide your face. You would rather give fuel to the slanted and biased commentary of the Journal's David Staples, in the hopes that we, the citizens of this city, will buy into your line of marketing.

Yet it would seem that more and more people all the time are having a bigger and bigger issue with your demands for corporate welfare.

As part of your marketing ploy (some say it's more of a scam) you try to touch us with your personal life by letting us know that your wife thinks you are crazy.

Katz said he chose to speak up about stalled negotiations because, “there’s a lot at stake and people in Edmonton need to understand the full picture.”
You say you want us to understand the full picture, yet you don't tell the full truth on the full picture, do you. Your choice is to continue to obfuscate the real facts. And to be honest, you are acting like a spoiled child having a temper tantrum by threatening to hold your breath until you die. And you know what? We don't care anymore.

You say that having taxpayers put in $350 million dollars is unfair and totally counter productive. You want more. As a matter of fact, you want taxpayers to pay every penny, and then graciously give you every cent of revenue. I suspect you might find that you and your wife are getting to be the only ones who think you should be placed on a pedestal... But since you want to take money, how about lets face off on this line...

Terming the CRL a “gold mine for the city,” Katz said it might produce more than $2 billion in revenue, and could be used as a source for the operating subsidy.
 Let's be perfectly clear here, the CRL is nothing more than a program that shifts taxes and education taxes, away from their intended debts. So if 45 million dollars in taxes went to services and education, then 45 million dollars more will have to be raised to replace those funds diverted by the CRL. And that is double dipping taxpayers. Not only the residents of Edmonton but indeed all taxpayers in Alberta will see increases, just so you can put money into your pocket. The money you take from our pocket. And guess what... chances are the province won't even approve this CRL because of all of the political outcrying that will happen. And they certainly don't want to cause a rift with taxpayers by gently sliding an extra $100 million to make up the current shortfall. Which we know will not be enough anyway, because these projects never ever come in on budget.

Oh yes, speaking of the CRL, lets remember this "loan" is only good for 20 years, regardless of what arrangements you make. The Alberta Government dictates this money must be recovered in full within 20 years. Then it is 100% due and payable.

The only difference between you and Peter Pocklington, is Peter sold out the players to make money. You sir, are selling out all taxpayers to make money. Including the poor and those on fixed incomes.

You may think you are Robin Hood... however many people believe you are nothing more than a robbing hoodlum.

Yes, you have a choice. Cancel this entire deal, and come back with one where you use YOUR money to build YOUR palace. And then you can proudly keep every penny it makes. Or... try to move the team. Good luck with getting the NHL to agree to that. Maybe better yet, why don't we the taxpayers, just pay you $200 million and buy the team. That way, WE get to keep all the profits. After all, WE ARE paying all of the costs anyway.

You have bitten the hand that feeds you. And to be blunt, we simply don't want you around anymore.

If you think taxpayers are furious now, just wait... Both civic and provincial politicians are getting ear fulls over this. And no one wants to have around politicians that do not work for the people.

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