Friday, September 7, 2012

I Call BS on the Chamber of Commerce

I get that the Chamber of Commerce has a job to do, part of which is to promote Edmonton and business related things in Edmonton... but when you do this in a sly underhanded way, it makes one ponder on exactly what kind of respect the organization deserves.

On Sept 6th, Andrea Sands from the Edmonton Journal "reported" on a story where the Chamber is warning of "massive setbacks" if the proposed downtown arena is not built.

Apparently the Chamber doesn't care about what the cost is to taxpayers. They don't care that their will have to be a tax increase to all citizens in the city, and all residents of the province, just so a billionaire (who according to the Alberta Venture magazine, apparently grossed 14 billion dollars in the last 2 years) can literally nail taxpayers with every cent used to build this palace.

The same billionaire that will collect every cent of revenue from concerts and events, and every penny of rent from every tenant that would occupy his personal palace.

The people are not stupid. The world economy is in a dump. Forcing taxpayers to pay for this, when all over North America the same things have been tried before only to end in disaster...

Who the hell do you think you are trying to fool us into believing that this will be different? Shame on you.

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