Sunday, October 13, 2013

How about a little integrity - maybe even some honesty?

On Thursday, October 10th 2013, the last of the Mayoral public broadcast forums was held at the Italian Cultural Center. This footage has been archived here, for your viewing information.

Around the 4 minute mark, the moderator states that "if you don't like their answer, you know what to do". Well, this is what I want to do... educate you on the truth, instead of being side-stepped by Karen, or fibbed to by Don.

First, here are some snippets from both of their opening remarks. Do note, there is a lot of what was said that is grandstanding bullshit.. ops.. I mean El Toro Poo Poo, however I will restrict things from the entire webcast to my specific question.

Karen - (12:40ish) -"being an active listener", (14:15ish) "When you look at my record, you can see that I am a doer, ... ... it actually ends up with a solution, a go forward", (16:25ish) "a city of dreams".

Don - (28:20ish) "When we don't work together, we make errors, expensive errors we have to fix later", (28:40ish) "We will build it together, council, city administration, the business community, developers, citizens, communities", (30:00ish) "Citizens have told us what they want, we know what we can achieve".

With that said, both Don and Karen have been making bold statements about how much they have been listening. I'd like to suggest about the only thing they have been listening to, is all of the rah-rah from supporters (fake or otherwise) and they both fail to listen to the tough honest questions. I have let both camps know that I have problems with the loss of 200 million dollars in combined federal and provincial funding and have tweeted both of them links to my blog post, which contains factual links with information and results.

Both have chosen to ignore a reasonable question, because this topic goes against them being the hero-goodie-two-shoes folks, who are only interested in promoting their perceived high points and have no interest in being truthful on their failings. Hey, I get it... we all make mistakes. The fact neither are willing to own them, speaks huge volumes on credibility.. or lack of... Anyway..

My question starts at the 44:00ish mark, and was addressed to Don and Karen only. It was about the failed Gorman funds. It's pretty important that you read my above mentioned post, as it has the links that provide the information...

Karen responds at  45:00ish mark. And she totally bypasses the question with a run around on what the arena financing is/was. Where is the recognition and the accountability? Not only that, you knew this was being directed to you, why did you not listen to the question? For someone that creates opening remarks about just how well you listen, I mean really. This is what we can expect from you as Mayor? I shudder at that thought. You certainly haven't listened very well at all. The constituents you represent, were strongly against the arena deal, according to your EA.

You talk about going forward, and dreaming. I'm kinda thinking that we can't afford more of the poor planning and "not listening", in order to reach impossible dreams. I'd suggest you need some life lessons in reality, rather than "doer-ing" years of spending other peoples money without regard to the consequences to the people.

Don responds at 46:05ish, and starts out to suggest that I don't have the facts correct. Gee Don, I think I might. What part of my previous blog post is not correct? I mean, specifically from the links provided. Remember, I didn't write the words but... those links sure speak volumes.

Then you continue on (noting your 'savings grace' of "what I can recollect') to suggest those funds were used for other things... Um, but what about your photographic memory? You sure made a really nice spin of just how "rah rah" your answer was. Except for one slight fact.

Is it not true that the Federal Government had pre-approved the Gorman plan, and then when council did the bait and switch side, the Feds pulled out of the deal? And since the agreement was for 300 million (100 each from city, province, and Ottawa) and the province would only kick in when the Feds kicked in... they were no longer obligated to contribute. Hence, we lost $200 million dollars.

At the 47:04ish mark, Don suggests that "we would never leave federal money on the table... I can assure you of that" ... Oh, I'm really not happy hearing your assurances... And to think this is what we would have to look forward to from you.

So there WERE no funds from the feds to be allocated... At least, that's what it would seem like. So for you to say that the funds were used elsewhere... would seem to be a big fib. So we lost $100 mil from the Feds and $100 mil from the province. Either way, I'm really curious on how this money (that we never got), ended up getting spent on other various projects...

With respect to your other opening remarks, it seems like you mention all big biz folks first, and leave the public to last. Its the people that pay. You are another that "listens" to what people say, and then do what the people don't want done. Your office was another that I polled on the arena deal support and again, as with every other office contacted, I was told the majority of the constituents have said "no" to this deal. With me, the most irritating fact is that you profess SO strongly about our cities children yet using your other breath, you are proud of robbing some $80 million dollars from education. All which will feed a billionaire's personal pocket book.

As always, if either Don or Karen is willing to point out valid errors in the information that I got, which could change the "truth", then I'd be more than happy to listen. And I will be totally honest here. I'm not expecting any response from either of them. Yet, I'm still willing to listen.

Prove me wrong. I'll be the first one to stand up and admit I made a mistake. All it takes, is facts.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. It has been brought too my attention that my question was also in fault. And for that I say "my bad"... With SO much attention with the arena deal, and despite my having the documents in my hand (which of course I had reviewed many times that night) .. and probably a little nervous.. I incorrectly referenced the arena, when the reference should have been to the Nait LRT line.

    This could possibly partially explain some of the response, yet I am still convinced both knew what I had meant. Both camps may not respond to me, but they are well aware of my presence, and they do watch the things I say. Both were told of the post, and to have NOT read it would have been foolish.

    Both are afraid my logic on many issues will creep into your mind and start to wake you up. Providing of course, some of you that have been sleeping will have the courage to wake up. Not to worry, everyone does, eventually... Gawd only knows it took me long enough...