Monday, October 14, 2013

Why I would never vote for Don Iveson

1) He professes to listen, but has selective hearing for only those that promote his ideas.

2) Over the years, he's been a supportive part of the Mandel destructive bandwagon, which has resulted in a broken down city, while developers prosper, and seniors and others on fixed incomes suffer.

3) He's proud of the green promotion, spouting figures about how much pollution has been lowered, yet fails to realize or acknowledge how traffic light timings promote gridlock, increase greenhouse gasses, and cause huge amounts of extra dollars to all drivers, in increased wasted gasoline usage and longer travel times.

4) He refuses to listen to citizen ideas for improving the traffic flow that surface LRT destroys.

5) He would rather bash a citizen that expressed concern over the death of a baby (likely) due to the "screw you" attitude over voting to close the most needed runway at the City Center Airport... rather than showing compassion for the situation.

6) He has many suggestions and policies to "fix" the things that he voted to break.

7) He refused to listen to the experts who lived and worked at the City Center Airport, instead he choose to believe biased and slanted reports that were ordered by council. Watch as the reclamation costs soar to well over 10 times what was estimated, while probably adding at least another 10 to 15 years of reclamation efforts before any form of construction is possible.

8) He lied in public, to the public, by saying "we would never leave federal money on the table... I can assure you of that"... Yet he voted to bait and switch pre-approved Federal funds to a non-qualifying project, which resulted in a loss for Edmonton, of $200 million dollars in senior governments grants. Elements of the project still had to be done, however those elements were subsequently paid for solely by Edmonton property taxpayers, instead of being shared by all 3 levels of government.

Note: Full details for this comes from the last mayoral public forum. This blog post provides all of the information on the event and this blog post provides the required information with respect to the "Gorman" funds.

9) He promotes experience ... of being the CFO for his wife's part time business. I'm sure that is very important.

10) He has no "real life" experiences that allow him to relate to those that struggle, which is becoming a larger part of the local population. His policies will create larger tax increases, but that's OK because when you can't relate, you don't understand.

11) He falls hook, line and sinker, into believing any report City Administration gives him, even though its obvious to hundreds of thousand of citizens that these reports are biased and speculative at best.

12) He loves Google products, because the city can use them for free. Yet those who are truly technically savvy, are well aware of Google's passion for spying. If anyone thinks Google does stuff for free, because they love you... well...

With respect to item 12, people will call me a hypocrite because this blog is a Google product. Let me point out that I could care less that Google will spy on my blog.

13)  He loves people who are deeply devoted to Ignorance Is Bliss...
Ostrich Syndrome is the best kind

and finally.. (I'm sure I could add on a lot more, but really... isn't this enough to make you wonder?)

14) He fails to see the huge problem CD Days create, and thinks citizens get great value from people that effectively work 3 days out of 5.

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