Friday, March 28, 2014

Alberta Political Futures

With the latest revelations of huge severance payouts and outrageous holiday payments for the departing of the Princess Redford staff, combined with the "private penthouse" for the Princess (not even done and some $21 million over budget), I think its safe to say that the PC Alberta party has firmly over cooked their own goose.

The burnt and fried carbon remnants of the party will probably have their butts kicked out of provincial politics, with only a few people getting re-elected in the next Provincial election.

Clearly, the Wild Rose will probably form the next government, given their standings in the polls. For whatever polls are worth, of course.

With that said... it is time for EVERY Alberta party to jump on the band wagon, and take the concept of the "sunshine" list, and put some numbers next to what each job listed, will pay. For the most part, all of those jobs need a huge reduction in wages.

More importantly, any "contracts" created by the "new" government, must eliminate these huge severance payouts. What is happening now is WAY out of line with what the private sector does. I recall hearing, for example, that the AHS head side of things, will get 1 months severance for every month worked, up to a maximum of 12 months. Something in excess of a half a million dollars.

What's more appropriate would be one months severance for each year worked. With no "holiday pay" payout.

Even more critical in all of this, is the requirement for recall legislation. It is the ONLY tool the taxpayers have at their disposal, to force the elected politicians into keeping the promises they made, On top of that, we need to make sure that a promise is also practical.

The people have had enough with the lies. And even more than enough of the costs.

Post created March 28, 2014 . . . updated May 6, 2014

Please note, I am personally not leaning towards or against any party at this time. I'm not sure that I have any form of trust for any of them, and THIS is their opportunity to stand out and shine. It's really pretty easy.

1) Pick some of the top jobs from the sunshine list, and put dollar values on them.
2) Guarantee there will be no fancy contracts with huge payout clauses.
3) Define what an appropriate severance would be, generically, like above.
4) State your stance on recall legislation.

It's not that hard to do, is it? I will take any "failure to respond" as a signal that your party will continue on in the ways of deceit, manipulation, and distrust.

May 8th update

Public service should be about serving the public, not about taking a job for 4 years and expecting to retire off of the taxpayers backs. No offense, just saying. Elected officials are one thing, staff for them is a totally different issue. I personally can't see any job staff would do, that would qualify for more than about $150k a year. I know we are not the "USA", but consider the White House Chief of Staff, one of the top jobs. And the pay for that. I would suspect that job is a lot more detailed than anything we would be doing here in Alberta. Maybe I'm wrong, I honestly don't know. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated, I'm always willing to learn. :)

May 23 update

If you don't want to post a full out reply here then at least respond with a link to your party's website with the appropriate details.


  1. Well said Gary
    We have had enough

  2. Well said Gary, well said and well articulated. Change is needed in some many areas of this! Reduction of salary, as well as being able to remove them from office BEFORE the next election rolls around, if their actions warrant it! Enough is enough. People who SHOULD run for office and would actually do some good and solid work, will have a bad taste in their mouth towards the idea if things are not cleaned up and dealt with!