Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alberta Politics comes crashing down

With all of the dirt flying from the Redford team, I think it's pretty clear that the people don't want her as Premier anymore. The PC's need to toss her out.

I find little point in stating all of the reasons, because the list is endless. The question is, what to do now, and what to do at election time.

I will say at this point, I trust no party, and no leader. The political grandstanding by them all, has been shameful. And I'm honestly sick and tired of hearing what will be done just to get elected, and then coming up with excuse after excuse to not do things. At the same time, the "other hand" is doing all of the crap behind closed doors.

Iveson pulled the same bullshit, and of course we have Harper... all of it is enough to make one scream.

What I would like to see, is for a party to stand up to the plate and make some sound promises. In writing. I want to see recall legislation implemented within the first 100 days, to force some integrity back into the system. I want to see the ruling party bring in 1 or 2 members of the other parties into major meetings, and to sit back and listen to the ideas from ALL of the parties.

Time after time after time, many excellent suggestions have come from other parties, and the ruling government has snubbed their noses in the air at them, because THEY didn't think of it.

That has to stop.

We elect people to represent US, not to represent a party or party politics. Those who get voted in MUST have the freedom to represent the people that elected them. And if those people are saying "don't do this", then those members MUST express that vote in the legislature.

Enough is enough.

I'd also like to see some form of legislation that requires those elected, to hold regular town hall meetings of some type. Certainly when major bills are being discussed, or perhaps every 9 months or something. I don't know what a good time frame would be, all I know is, its time those elected started listening.

If you want MY vote, and you want to be trusted by the PEOPLE... then you need to make these promises in writing, and you need to do it NOW.

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