Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Broken Politics

No matter where you look, politics is broken. Pick a city, province, country... the vast majority probably have major issues. For the most part, we as individuals have little control over world politics, and as we "drill down" closer to provincial and city events, our control increases in varying amounts.

In my opinion, the biggest reason people do not get out and vote is because they feel politicians never listen to them and never represent them, so why bother.

Time after time, an individual or a party that we feel would represent us the best, is not elected. And we have given up. No matter how much we scream at people to get involved... unless they feel what they have to say counts for something, they will continue to not show up to vote.

So for example, if a particular riding has a 30% turn out in voters and there are 4 parties running in that riding, then the person with the highest percentage of votes, wins. All of the others are tossed out. "A" got 35%, "B" got 30%, "C" got 25% and "D" got 10%.

The winner of 35% gets elected, and 65% (a much higher majority) get nothing. To make matters worse, only 30% of the voters, of that 35% winner, are really represented. And this is extremely dangerous for all.

And you wonder why people give up.

But what if... what if the concept, changed. I've heard other places in the world do this, and I'm sure that it also carries its own type of problems as well... but...

What if... the total number of seats in government, are filled by the percentage of the votes each party received. Yes, in this scenario, it is quite possible that the person you voted for in your riding, and won that riding, might not actually end up getting a seat. But please, follow along with the concept. :)

Lets take the same above percentages, and apply that to the entire province (or country if you want). Party "A" has 35% of the seats to fill. Perhaps they can take the "top winners" of the various riding's, by percentage, and fill those seats in order. The other parties would do the same thing.

So in this case, it is also possible that the person you voted for in your riding, and lost.... could end up with a seat anyway.

Would this type of scenario be more of what would entice you to actually vote? To actually know that what YOU think, counts a lot more?

WE are the people. it us up to US to drive a change. Take your ideas and present them, let YOUR voice be heard for a change.

Or continue on with thinking that Ignorance is bliss. Chances are one day, it will come back and bite you firmly in your ass. Enjoy that...

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