Friday, August 8, 2014

Please Prove Your Ethics

In light of the latest Auditor Generals report, we have every political party jumping on the bandwagon, or trying to prevent the bandwagon from falling apart.

So here is a simple challenge to every politician or party in Alberta. The people are basically looking for party responses, but will take individual ones as well.

Just make up a blog post, and in simple basic language, tell the people why you are honest, why you have integrity, and why you will be transparent. Then respond here, anonymously if you wish, and post a link in your reply to that post.

We aren't looking for pages and pages of details... just your basic common sense layout of generic principles that you feel are important. If your blog post also links to party policies, that's fine if you want to expand things. But please, keep your basics as simple as possible.

It's really not that hard to do... is it?

The people thank you kindly, in advance. And they will also note any lack of responses.

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